About Laraway Motorsports

Based in Irwin, Pennsylvania, Laraway Motorsports was founded in 2007 by Brian Laraway. Featuring Dane Laraway powering a Dirt Late Model around the oval track, Laraway Motorsports regularly travels to Dog Hollow Speedway and Marion Center Speedway where you can find Dane competing every Friday and Saturday night, respectively.


Driving a Late Model, Dane joined Laraway Motorsports in 2005, at the age of 15. Posting his first career feature race win on June 11, 2010, he completed the season by posting a total of three feature race wins and has posted 19 career heat race wins.

Chassis:  Rocket blue front end suspension
Colors:  Caution Yellow and Black
Rearend:  Frankland Racing Supply Rearend
Engine:  415 Chevy Domhoff racing engine
Miscellaneous:   Dart billet blocks, Dart heads, Bryant cranks, Oliver rods, Diamond pistons, Total Seal rings, ATI dampers, Del West titanium valves, PAC valve springs, Crower lifters and rockers, Dailey Engineering billet oil pans and six stage oil pumps with Peterson oil tanks.
Race Shop:  Ed and Gayle Ferree's shop, Valencia PA
Race Hauler:  Kenworth T-800 with an S & S 34 foot trailer

Laraway Motorsports is offering a new advertising program to our sponsors during the 2011 race season. The Featured Sponsor Program allows a sponsor to choose a two consecutive week period throughout the 2011 racing season to have their logo displayed on the front filler panel of the car, with nine two-week periods throughout the season. The weeks will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. If you or your company would like to take advantage of this program please contact Laraway Motorsports. We will notify each participant of the weeks that their logo will be displayed.


The Official Trackside Environmental Service Provider for the world of motorsports, Safety-Kleen collects and recycles used motor oil, oil filters, and drums filled with brake and transmission fluids. These items are then recycled in a closed loop infrastructure.